[Fashion] Tapered Trousers

Photo via ASOS.

I have been so hesitant on the tapered trouser trend but they are slowly (and surely) beginning to grow on me... I have no problem with the wide-leg trousers or super skinny jeans, but can these really be flattering? I believe so. They are made to be a bit more baggy with a relaxed fit, which in turn makes them very figure-flattering for most. Pair them with a lightweight top (I prefer tucked in) and some killer heels, and you're ready for a sophisticated spring!

Tapered Trousers

1. Keyhole tapered trouser at Topshop.
2. Silence & Noise side tap trouser at Urban Outfitters.
3. Richard Nicoll trouser at Topshop.
4. We Who See Cutout Heel at Urban Outfitters.