A Bittersweet Farewell

Today is a bittersweet, but exciting day. My big brother Taylor packed up all of his things and took off towards Portland, Oregon. In a mere couple of weeks, he will be settling into his apartment - err, yacht - with his best friend. I am so excited for his new adventure in life, but selfishly sad that he won't be "home" anymore (and a bit jealous that he'll be in such an awesome city!). When my parents moved to Colorado a few months ago, I realized things would be different, but now that my brother is gone too... I have to face the realization that my family is not within driving distance anymore! It's sad, but at least I have a good excuse to travel, right?!

Oh and P.S. Wasn't baby Taylor the cutest? He still makes that same expression!

You will be missed, brother. I love you!