[Fashion] Brighten Up

Yellow. Pink. Blue. Orange. What do you think when you see these colors? I know you might freak out, but brighten up this spring and embrace them! Opting for a punchy hue will definitely give you the “wow” factor that you’re looking for. It says so much about your personal style, so have fun with it!

When in doubt, stick to blues, reds and pinks, which are often the easiest and most universally flattering colors. Although bright yellow and orange are totally in, these can be really difficult for many of us to pull off. But remember, all that’s really necessary to pull this look off is confidence!

Photos from Style.com.

Don’t try to wear too many bright colors at once... You don’t want to overpower the eye!

1. Pair a vibrant top with your everyday jeans.
2. Throw on a daring dress and keep the accessories and makeup simple.
3. Wear a vivid blouse with muted pants or a neutral skirt.
4. Layer it! Throw on a top with a splash of color and a jacket or blazer over it.
5. Try spicing up your favorite dress with bold stockings or a neon belt.
6. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Just because a certain shade of red doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean that all things red are off limits.

Still hesitant?
Start off slow by incorporating bright bags and jewelry into your usual wardrobe. Even a minor touch of eye-popping color can be enough to carry your whole look!